Wust. Wurst. Wurst. Wurst. Wurst. Wurst. Fleisch.

„Here, meat is the linchpin of every meal. Being a vegetarian here is probably about as much fun as being blind at the zoo. The other notable time of year is Spargel Saison, where the country goes gaga as the almightly Spargel is being waved around everywhere, like a sort of culinary magic wand, which coincidentally it does rather resemble.“

Scheiße. I am so so german. Really not sure if I should feel amused or ashamed…. in fact: It’s a total mixture of those two feelings right now, let’s call it „ashused“. (Since I mostly hang around with vegetarians I really thought my deeply love for Leberwurst was kind of special. Well… nope. In every situation where I had to chose between chocolate and leberwust,  it would always be leberwurst. Always.)

Wanna know HOW TO BE GERMAN IN 20 STEPS? *Click* on picture for the hilarous list.


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