Change is everywhere.

„Corporations only value skate-companies and skateboarders in relation to how much capital they can generate for a group of shareholders, instead of valuing them as important parts of our culture. In the world of corporate skateboarding, skate-companies and skaters are simply commodities that are meant to be bought, profited from, and then thrown away.“

Please take some time to read this well researched article about market changes and greedy economy that already happened in streetskating. Think about what really matters and why you loved this lifestyle during all the time. Think about which shoes you really should buy and if this fancy Zoo York-Shirt for example really is this important for you.

Then go to you local skateshop and to your local boardshapers and hug the people in there long and intensely because they help creating a family based scene. You can whisper „Thank you!“ as well into their ears if you want so.

Do it for the heart not for the money.

(Thanks to the Root dudes for sharing this!)  *Click* on picture to read the full article.


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