Women and skateparks. (Give this guy a medal.)

„Since risk-taking is integral to skateboarding, and because of how we view sports and which sports are more „manly“ (Football, baseball, soccer) and which are more „girly“ (Gymnastics, volleyball, figure skating) skateboarding has historically been and continues to be a male dominated sport. There have been women riding along with the men throughout the history of skateboarding, but they did not receive the same fame or opportunities. One of the first, and more recent examples which challenge this notion is Elissa Steamer, who is widely considered to be the first female skater to „skate like a guy“. But this only further reinforces the idea that skateboarding is a man’s sport, which women can only gain acceptance in if they don’t act feminine and instead „skate like a guy“.

Since the message still not got through some brains, that gender clischés are frustrating as to step on a lego and since my ears from time to time still have to hear stupid shit about myself standing on a board…

YOU ALL. PLEASE READ THIS. I mean, really: just take some minutes for reading this.

Very clear writing without pointing fingers or let the women look like poor victims. Thanks.



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