Hugh Mcleod „Ignore Everybody“


Hugh McLeod wrote this book about how one can come up with creative output while ignoring all the negative side effects like opinions of others, fear, crashed dreams and ideas who don’t turn out as good as you thought. Get a glimpse of it by *Clicking on the picture.

„This was a very res­pec­ted com­pany. You may have even heard of it.

They just assu­med I must be just like all the other peo­ple they repre­sent– hungry and des­pe­rate and willing to sign anything.

They wan­ted to own me, regard­less of how good a job they did.That’s the thing about some big publishers. They want 110% from you, but they don’t offer to do like­wise in return. To them, the artist is just one more noodle in a big bowl of pasta.

Their busi­ness model is to basi­cally throw the pasta against the wall, and see which one sticks. The ones that fall to the floor are just for­got­ten.

 Publishers are just midd­le­men. That’s all. If artists could remem­ber that more often, they’d save them­sel­ves a lot of aggre­va­tion.“

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