„Kids used to say she looked like a wrong answer that someone tried to erase.“

If you know me or get to spend time with me, you’ll propably soon recognice if it comes to liking stuff – I’m a superlative person. Using big words for all the stuff I love. For people I care for. For things which touch me and mostly for creative outputs like books, comics, paintings, photographies and all the other amazing pieces in universe which are able to produce emotions inside of me.

Well thats just a fact about myself. So I really love when people send me links to videos or memes or funny animal pictures because they know me and want to share giggles or some big tears. Which I really appreciate. 

My sister send me this video today. And despite all the words I used just before: THIS IS SO BRILLIANT. The content, the style, the voice of the speaker which highly reminds me on Macklemore…. and the message. The message is so fucking important. Go for it.


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