look what came!

just imaging being a postman. so you ring a door on friday morning and nobody opens. you ring again. and then you ring for a whole while since you don’t want to take this big and heavy package back to your truck.

finally this huffing, snuffling, sick-like-a-horse-creature opens the door and looks suspicious around the corner. but starts giggling and hand clapping when she discovers O&H logos on the package. and isn’t listening to your words because she already drags it into her room (imagine gollum with his treasure here).  so you yell after her and ask yourself again why post has to be delivered early on the day. „Lady. YOU HAVE TO SIGN THE PAPER.“


now the hard part: which one to test first? which wheels should I begin with? can’t wait!

Foto am 29.11.13 um 10.09


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