Skatearea23 Sessions.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-03-03 um 19.41.21

Basically we – LGC Austria found a new home in Vienna’s skatehall. There is a very relaxed and friendly atomosphere on every day you enter due to the fact that the owner Roman Hackl is a very laid back dude and Julia who works there is not only the most skilled female street skater i ever saw in persona but great teacher and a patient advicer giver whenever you fall the 20th time on your left hip while trying to learn this damn shuvit. (Long ass sentence, eh? I like to keep my english grammar creatively.)

I have an 3 seconds entrance in the last Video from January/February which makes me proud as fuck since I learned that Rock to Fakie on this exact day.


*Click on first picture for the hall video.

*Click on second picture for seeing Julia in action.


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